…is far superior to ordinary colloidal silver because “GOLDEN SILVER 528” is generated at 528Hz. rather than at a constant current. 528Hz is what Dr. Leonard Horowitz calls the “God Frequency” because it is found at the center of creation throughout nature and the universe.  For instance, it is the frequency found at the center of rainbows. It is what causes the greenish-yellow color. It is also what causes the greenish-yellow color in plants as they begin to grow and take form. It is known as “the frequency of Miracles”. If you have a large enough quantity of this “GOLDEN SILVER 528” you can even see a greenish-yellow tint to the solution, even though the only ingredients are distilled water and nano-particles of silver! That greenish-yellow tint tells you that this solution is carrying the 528Hz. frequency.  It has been reported to be even more effective than ordinary colloidal silver because the frequency that it carries resonates with our bodies’ own natural frequencies.

If you would like more information on the 528Hz frequency we suggest reading

“The Book of 528:  Prosperity Key of LOVE”  by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

Tony Lloyd Creations, LLC has no connections to Dr. Horowitz other than being blessed with the knowledge we’ve gained from him as he tries to pass his wisdom on to the world. For that we are eternally grateful. Thank you Dr. Horowitz.

“GOLDEN SILVER 528” will not turn your skin blue!!!

   Many people are concerned about the “bluing of the skin”, a condition known as Argyria, which mainstream media has used to try to scare everyone away from colloidal silver.  This can ONLY happen when there are impurities present in the solution… anything other than pure silver.  For example; some manufacturers use silver salts or silver proteins to make their solution; and some people use tap water with their home units. The nano-particles of silver may bond with these impurities and then these impurities may collect in your tissues, eventually causing the “bluing of the skin”. With “GOLDEN SILVER 528” you can rest assured the only things in your solution are Nano-particles of Pure Medical-Grade Silver (10ppm) and Distilled Water… that’s it!  We DO NOT use tap water or even purified water, and we don’t put anything else into the solution while it is being made. It doesn’t matter how much you drink or put onto your skin; your tissues will automatically release the nano-particles of silver and your body will excrete them naturally.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. We believe that a healthy immune system is the only thing that can truly “cure” any disease or illness. We also believe that proper nutrition and the avoidance of all toxins is the best way to achieve a healthy immune system.

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